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MB Harvester

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A.N. Martin

Manufactured from heavy seamless carbon steel tubing, the MB Harvester is painted International Harvester Red in a weather resistant powder-coated finish. (Other colors available upon request – additional charge may apply) Each Harvester is custom set up to fit your growing beds and is sold standard with either a 16' or an 18’ elevator and your choice of cutting systems.

The MB Harvester is available with either the traditional Knife cutting system or the new band saw system. The traditional Knife system works best in muddy or stony fields.  The Band Saw blade allows for a cleaner cut, reducing split stems that can lead to browning of fresh product. It also encourages increased re-growth for a more profitable second harvest.

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MB50 Series – Standard Greens Harvester w/ Knife or Band Saw

MB56K 6’ Greens Harvester w/Knife system
MB56KL 6’ Greens Harvester – Lister Bed style w/Knife
MB57K 7’ Greens Harvester w/ Knife system
MB57KL 7’ Greens Harvester – Lister Bed style w/Knife
MB57KC 7’ Greens Harvester – “California” style w/Knife
MB56B 6’ Greens Harvester w/Band Saw
MB56BL 6’ Greens Harvester – Lister Bed style w/Band Saw
MB57B 7’ Greens Harvester w/Band Saw
MB57BL 7’ Greens Harvester – Lister Bed style w/Band Saw
MB57BC 7’ Greens Harvester – “California” style w/Band Saw

Add-on options

3rd wheel

Three flood lights, mounted and wired

Swing Hitch Assembly

Manufactured by A.N. Martin LLC
1110 Clyde-Marengo Rd.
Clyde, NY 14433
Sales: 315-521-1518
Headquarters: 315-923-9118